Running cstool

Before every run

You need to prepare your environment before running cstool.

On Linux

  • Activate the python environment:
source cstool-env/bin/activate
  • Make sure ELSEPA is in your path. If you did not put the following line in your .bashrc file, make sure you do it every time you start a new terminal session:
export PATH=$PATH:/path/to/elsepa

On Windows

Instructions will follow...

Generating material files

Material files are compiled from a set of parameters, which are in the yaml text format. Parameter files for a set of relevant materials are provided in the data/materials folder. Detailed documentation of these files can be found here.

After activating the environment, creating the material files is a matter of navigating to the right folder and running the cstool program:

cd data/materials
cstool silicon.yaml

The tool should run for several minutes and generate a file silicon.mat. This is the material file that can be passed to the main simulator.